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Warped - Maurissa Guibord

Warped is a nice little book. It's a young adult novel but contained most of the fantasy elements without any annoying aspects of urban fantasy. The finer point being put on nice since the book did not address any of the nastier aspects of falling in love with someone from the fifteen century. I've read books where the time warp from fifty years ago yielded more problems regarding inequality, racism, class or sexism. The book being young adult rather than urban fantasy spared us the trope of lairds taking their women for example.
[If you like that sort of thing that might be a drawback.]

Not to regurgitate the plot [that is only a good thing when a bird does it] but Tessa's dad owns his own bookshop. They get an evil witch's unicorn tapestry and diary by mistake at an auction.
Tessa starts to have nightmares about the glaring unicorn on the tapestry about him being hunted by villagers. The unicorn was really a noblemen whose life essence is stolen by a weaver.
I imagined the unicorn to look like Prince Blueblood from My Little Pony.

The book had it's fun moments from the villain, the Grey Lady, that reminded me fondly of a soap opera villain. She used her time and wealth on being a pop star among other things. I didn't feel sorry for her since I don't think anyone needs to live five centuries but time did suck for people back then.
The Norne, who are in control of weaving the threads of fate were interesting characters as well. I particularly enjoyed their misplaced blame on Tessa and interference of her life.