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Homeland - Cory Doctorow

<u>Homeland</u> is the sequel to the equally phenomenal book <u>Little Brother</u>.

Both novels match the America we live in right now in ways I haven't read in other novels. Every horror is based on true programs and mercenary groups.

Marcus has matured and grown up since we last saw in Little Brother. The world of Little Brother was like the one in 2001 where people were scared and allowed their freedoms to be trampled on. Marcus and his band of hackers took that step back and questioned what those freedoms meant and why we must safeguard them even in times of turmoil.

The world of Homeland is 2008 and on after the financial crisis, blackwater, wikileaks, occupy Wall Street and such are part of this story. Marcus parents have lost their jobs and he had to drop out of school. The book can be a bit dark at times if you’re living that life of uncertainty and fear. It is also hopeful, however, and you work out your own fears through Marcus. Even if you aren't daring enough to build your own computer system being involved in political process and engaging in protests are very much part of the fight. Homeland reads as more adult; he is 19 as opposed to a teenager in Little Brother, for this reason. I think it might be more accessible to those turned off from the techy aspects of Little Brother.

I didn't read this book as quickly as I did Little Brother because it was darker [being tortured in a secret prison notwithstanding since the fight was more obvert and subtle than in Little Brother. It was in no way less satisfying towards the end, anyway, because it was something we could all do, but I did get depressed. This is the dystopian we all actually live in as opposed to the victory fight we hope to see played out in YA dystopian novels.

Nonetheless, the end was quite cathartic and inspirational.

I was quite interested in the method of persona management that online trolls use to thwart the public from taking these leaks about government corruption seriously. There are a few commentators on Glenn Greenwald's articles I have no doubt are part of that cog.

I'd love to see a third book based on the Ed Snowden leaks.

How would Marcus and co take down the mass media being bought and paid for by the Carrie Johnstones of the world?


The Aaron Swartz afterward brought tears to my eyes.