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Peptastic is standing still

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow - Jessica Day George I got this book because of goodreads recommend feature. I like faerytale retellings and the premise of a girl whose mom didn't name her sounded promising. My late gramps used to delight us with stories about a troll who lived underneath his bridge. We believed him for years.
[He also had a different goat story about the birthday goat. I wonder why he never blamed the troll for getting the birthday goat. I guess after he made our older brother cry after giving him a cornbread birthday cake he didn't have the stomach for it.]

The book was too long for a simple girl tricks trolls with cunning story but too rushed for what transpired in the first half of this book.
The book was split up into four parts. The first two just didn't fit with the last two. I preferred the first half with her brother and the rest of her family. Nothing ever happens to her family after they get riches from the troll queen.

The lass had more chemistry with her brother Hans Peter and her faithful wolf sidekick Rollo than she did with the bear/prince.
I kept expecting the warning about not telling her new name to come up but it never did.

Rollo was my favourite part of the book. If he'd died I'd have given this book one star.