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Fat Kid Rules the World - K.L. Going Troy starts the book out in a suicide attempt. He's saved by Curt, a cool rocker type that Troy would love to be.
They start a band and hang out and throughout most of the book Troy is filled with intense loathing for himself.
He never realises Curt's homeless, has abusive parents and a drug addict.

One of the things I loved most about this book's message is if you get too wrapped up in hating yourself than you avoid seeing that everyone has problems. Troy had issues with his dad but they were nothing compared to the problems Curt had because his dad at least wanted to do something for him.
This book was by no means saying "Someone always has it worse than you" but that if you look beyond just yourself and help each other out than you'll see a way out of it. Troy helps Curt get help and in return he helps Troy.
It was a sweet story.

At first you see things from Troy's perspective that his military dad is ashamed of him and his younger brother.
It turned out Troy helped pushed them away by assuming they didn't love him.
Sometimes people don't know how to help people.