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In the Forests of the Night - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes I hadn't realised the authors age (when she wrote the book) when I picked this one up. It was fine enough for a short novella but there wasn't enough of a story here. What it needed was another character to offset the predator mindset. The lead girl Rachel was well written for the type of person she was but the emotional impact would have been better with another person. I appreciated that a teenager in the 1700's wasn't unrealistically educated with the exception of her admitting she was outspoken for the time period. I also understood why she didn't develop relationships.
The tiger was promising but the brother relationship was underdeveloped.
I got more out of "The Silver Kiss" by Annette Curtis Klaus. The relationship with the cat made me cry.

Kudos for believeable characters (with the exception of her twin brother Alexander) and vampire mythology. The emotional impact from the climax just wasn't there.