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Peptastic is standing still

Prozac Nation - Elizabeth Wurtzel I read this a decade ago.
I learned a valuable lesson about what makes a gentlemen should I ever need it.
A nice guy pays for your abortion but a gentlemen will take you to the clinic as well. I haven't need this wisdom but I've imparted it to others.

The saddest thing I found about this book was Wurtzel's belief people only sympathise with drug addicts but can't understand depression. I'm not sure if this is true with everyone but she later became an addict.
I wonder if people knew what to do with her then or if she still found that people often don't relate or sympathise with others pain even with a reason to put a name to.
It seems to me that drug addiction only makes peoples lives so much harder to deal with. Relatives I know who added drug addiction to their depression still had the depression to deal with.