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Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries - Naomi Wolf Give me Liberty defines in a nutshell what it really means to be an American. Not a false patriot, who sits in front of a tv listening to Glenn Beck or CNN, but anyone in the world who values freedom.
This is what our founding fathers meant for us. Not an inherited status deserved because of where you were born but what you do with it.
Sadly, our rights to protest and speak out are vanishing. Ms. Wolf compiles a list from various sources and webisites to help us gather what we still have to make our voices heard. She also has a few suggestions such as referendums to get bills posed. Our system is broke when the lobbyists have more voice in persuading our elected officials than we do.
More than ever, this book is a call to arms for Americans to take up grassroots movements.
We can thank grassroots, not our elected officials, for gay marriage being made legal or marijuana.
No major change in our country was made possible until the people supported them.

The saddest points she made in her book were how we started subverting the rights of other countries to have the same rights we do.
Though our rights are vanishing fast unless we stop abdicating our responsibility to be watchdogs.

If you ever felt powerless or marginalised [I sure have] then this book ought to inspire you. Our political parties have prevented many regular citizens from getting in the process as have special interest groups. They want to keep up the myth you need big money behind you or a long political career.
All major changes were made possible by the constitution which was meant for us not the powers that be.

This book is partly history of our constitution, when we stopped following it and then advice on how to affect change at the local level.