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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black This isn't a bad book but I was glad it was not a series about halfway through the book. I think it would end up suffering the same fate Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampires series did. The books were not scary once one of their own became a vampire.
My main issue with this book is the theme that if vampires/supes are known to the masses that the millions of pathetic throw away their lives to obtain immortality. It is overly done that I find that concept boring. Cue nightclub scene where hordes of runaways line up to get into the club the heroine has access to.
The book had better backstory to it than what actually happened. I liked the story with Tana and her family. I suspect her mother wanted to be a vampire and her dad just didn't care about his kids.

I didn't feel claustrophobic as I usually would reading about prison but I could not find the lifestyle glamorous. I'm not sure if the book wanted to have it both ways there. Was this a horror story or was it a cooler alternative world meant to appeal to its readers? The coldtown reminded me a bit of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere where everyone lived off trading commodities.
It was obviously an apartheid/containment state for vampires, victims and the dredges of societies. I found the whole concept horrifying and warped that girls like Winter idolised living like that. I think if the concept of Catherine Fisher's Incarceron could be melded with this book we might get something more interesting.
Incarceron made the mistake of letting us see the outside world which lost the mystery of what was outside. On the other hand the world was brutual and nothing came easy for the characters. The stakes were quite high.
This book was just too easy. Tana made friends and never struggled much once inside. She did worry she was bitten but the book might have been scarier had she been locked in against her will. Even when her get out of jail free card was taken there was no sense she was stuck.