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Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout I'm not sure why I kept reading the series since the first book wasn't very good. I suppose because I cast Derek from MTV's Teen Wolf as Daemon might be one reason. Derek is a complete jerk but he is my complete jerk now.
It picked up with Onyx, which was surprisingly good, but Opal was a let down. I even read the romance novel spin-off book, which while not heavy on the plot in its own right, did set the tone somewhat for Origin. I may not have believed Daedelus claims about the evil Luxen without Hunter's back story in Obsession.
I'm fond of the series now even with those awful cliffhangers to keep reading them.
I adored the little alien stuff animal D.B. I was reading this book with my orange Dalek plushie who wanted to exterminate D.B.

The book had a good cat and mouse game with the government, no regressing plots from previous books and no self sacrificing or whining.