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Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins Sweet Evil was okay.
It had an interesting concept but it was too vanilla for a fallen angel book. Convincing people to take drugs and have sex isn't end of the world condemn people to hell stuff. I'm a goody-goody whose never done drugs and have only drank alcohol twice in my life and I wasn't clutching my pearls over this.
If the book had focuses on more slippery slopes covered in the show Supernatural it could've been really awesome.

The pros-
Anna was a sweet girl. She was compassionate and forgiving not preachy. If she'd been preachy about the perils of underage sex this would've ruined the book. I bought her struggles over drug addiction and fear. I got that as a person whose stayed away from illegal substances. I know I have the addiction gene. But that's a personal demon. I didn't get how it would be ruin anyone else's life.
The same went for Kaiden Rowe. Girls date and sleep with guys and hopefully get over it. Unless this is the French film Lace they do.
I felt sorry for the nephs for having what appears to be limited life choices.

Cons -

She never actually flirted with the dark side. She pretended to with safe guidance from her dad.
By the time the book got around to her going back to school and confronting Scott slipping her drugs I'd forgotten all about it. Standing up to date rapists is the stuff of lifetime movies. Not angels and demons stuff.

The message of this seemed to be make the wrong choice and your life is over. Depressing. Girls and guys both pick the wrong person to date. People deceive people on purpose but it's not the end of the world.

The stakes just weren't high enough.
As I mentioned in the beginning of my review I am a fan of the show Supernatural which also used the concept of "meat suits".
How icky her mom and dad used a body of a drug addict girl to have her thus killing the poor girl.
This is that slippery slope stuff that might have added some stakes there.
How about letting someone down?

Sweet Evil was just too safe.