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Sleepers (The Swarm Trilogy, #1)

Sleepers - Megg Jensen Sleepers is a political tale set in a fictional world of Fithia. Lianne is one of three teenagers who were adopted from the losers of war years ago. The Dalagans are redhaired while the Fithians are all round and dark haired.

Lianne is a maid to the queen whom is her secret best friend. Their king is the Henry VIII sort who presides over executions and has his wives executed.
On her sixteen birthday, she discovers a hidden power from her homeland. The Fithians claimed that Bryden, Lianne and Kellan were supposed to learn the Fithian way and bring it back to their poverty stricken land. She doesn't question the propaganda but swallows the lies she's been told.

Lianne is not an exceptionally strong character. She swallows the lies during her childhood and was clearly being used by her boyfriend, Kellan. He wants her to kill the king, and she flitters back and forth between him, Bryden and the Queen Mags decisions.
She never had a mind of her own. She wasn't a loyal friend to Mags or to Bryden. She stood aside while Kellan tortured the crippled Bryden. When Mags pleads for Lianne to save her son after she's been arrested she refuses. She is shocked Mags could cheat on the king just a day after hearing he wants her fired and followed. She allows her step-sister to take the baby she purports to love. Did Albee not hold the baby over a window? Albee tortured her during their own childhood. Lianne was too passive, too willing to stand aside and run to others. She refused Mags request to kill the King but waffles on what to do. Kellan had already convinced her to kill the king before Mags was accused of infidelity. Kellan convinces her again to kill the king, then Bryden talks her out of it.

This story might have worked if the novel had started during her childhood, not when she turned sixteen. She admits to Kellan's cruel abuses to their friend Byrden after their romance was established. She has a serious character flaw even if Bryden did turn his back on her.

The story got worse after she meets the Dalagans. Lianne's discovery of her twin, the battle ships, Kellan's affair with Albee, the Dalagans plot to take Fithia, etc. was convoluted at best.