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Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1)

Angelfall  - Susan Ee Angelfall has a few elements in common with other fantasy and dystopian novels. There isn't a "We can shop for free" excitement but desperate scrounging in abandoned houses and offices for food and supplies.
We're plucked right in the middle of Silicon Valley after Angels attacked the world.
Penryn, her disabled sister Paige and her crazy mom have to make a break for freedom in the middle of the night. They pick the middle of the night because the scary street gangs stay inside for safety. If that isn't enough to tell you this plan is a bad one they also have a shopping cart loaded with rotten eggs. Penryn's mom is apparently schizophrenic. We take her word for it despite proof that Angels actually do exist since she insists on carrying rotten eggs with her. Plus her seven year old sister is disabled from an accident involving their mother when she was two. Why their dad chose to abandon his daughters with a mom who encouraged her daughter to take self defence classes by showing her a scrapbook of articles where mom's snapped and killed their daughters goes a lot to explain that Penryn is bad ass but not a Mary Sue. She really does have the world on her shoulders. She's had to suffer a childhood of abuse and abandonment. She feels responsible for her little sister and will do whatever it takes to save her. She makes a deal with an Angel she inadvertently rescues [which also causes her little sister to be kidnapped] so she can find her.

This book was exciting most of the time but for the possible romantic bits.
At least this is a series so the weaker points such as the undeveloped romance and the obviously juicy background details with her mom's inner demons will be explored.
And what happens to Paige now she has those creepy razor teeth?