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Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield - Jeremy Scahill

Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield as a title perfectly sums up what this book is about.
The book details the events pre-911 that dealt with the USA's relationship with assasinations and how Obama has made it thetool in the war with terrorism.

This book is completely factual and lets no one off the hook in terms of idealogy whether it is religious or political. Scahill displays the aggressive, nasty and illegal tatics from both presidents Bush and Obama. The book begins with the a little history of Cheney, Rumsfeld and the like who waited in the wings to push the policies after 9/11 and how Obama has progressed them beyond their wildest dreams. Obama embraced the use of special forces to assasinate rather than capture suspected terrorists. Unlike Bush, the media has been largely forgiving and has often covered up his crimes.

The problem of illegally detaining people without due process was waived away with simply murdering them...

The book weaves Anwar Awlaki's tale in between the chapters. We get a sense of who he was and how a moderate American Muslim became more radical in his views. The tragic story of his teenaged son being killed and the atrocious lies told by multiple sources in the government and media to cover it up. How many terrorists are created from the drones, cluterbombs and harassment of Muslims and those living in Africa? Not to mention the counterinsurgencies the CIA, JSOC and the US installed dictators caused the powerless living in Yemen, Somalia and the rest of East Africa.

I was particularly horrified but captivated by Schahill's connections to events like the blackwater agent Raymond Davis arrest in Pakistan. Once he was removed from custody the drone strikes on the citizens of Pakistan commenced. The sheer lawlessness our officials undertake and how they hide under these agencies that are not subjected to any oversight.
When anyone tries to question the legality Obama hides behind state secrets. There aren't any civilian casualties because they are disguised as "military" aged males.

Dirty Wars sums up how dirty this war truly is as it is designed to never end.