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The Demon Lover - Juliet Dark, Carol Goodman I discovered this pseudonym of Carol Goodman's last night while looking up book blogs about a childhood favourite of mine, Victoria Holt.
I've only read Goodman's two books she co-wrote with her husband under the name Lee Caroll but those books share a lot of similarities with Demon Lover. The best and worst traits in fact.
New York has an undercover world of faeries, ghosts, vampires, witches, etc.? Check. Dangerous lover who only digs her for being reincarnated for a past love? Check. Descriptions of delicious mouth watering foods? Check. More likeable side characters? Check. Dead mama? Check.
I had fun reading it hence the four stars.

The basic plot of this book is the protagonist Callie is offered a teaching job at a University in a cozy small New York town. She wrote a book about demon lovers, vampires, gothic romances, etc. Oh and after her parents died she used to be visited by a shadowy figure who used to tell her old faerie tales like Tam Lin.
I'm also a sucker for cute animal sidekicks. This one is a mouse named Ralph who gorges himself on cheese and m&ms. Aww.

I enjoy the Tam Lin retellings I've read in the past so I was hoping for more of that than Victoria Holt's worst book "the Demon Lover".
The Tam Lin was barely touched on but there is a sequel coming out called "Water Witch".