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The Time of the Hunter's Moon - I read all of Victoria Holt's novels during my pre-teen years before I started high school. YA didn't exist back then. We had Sweet Valley, Babysitters club, etc. but not much to fill the gap from middle school to high school.

I forgot some of her books but this one stands out in my mind. I recall mocking the love interest after his attempted rape. "You hate me that much?!?"
I read this book no later than 1994 so please don't hold it against me if that scene was in another Holt novel.
I had rewritten Jane Eyre scenes back then where Rochester's arm grew back. There was no Edward Cullen to snark on back in the barren waste land of the mid '90s. {Little did I know Angel was just a couple of years away on Buffy to satisfy teen need for silly melodrama.]