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The Darkangel - Meredith Ann Pierce I had an enjoyable afteroon reading this one at the beach.
Aeriel is a slave/companion of a girl named Euodin. She's been bullied into helping her gather flowers for a wedding on the mountains. Eeodin doesn't take Aeriels concerns or the tales about a vampyre who kidnaps pretty girls seriously.
When she's taken Aeriel is blamed and is told she'll be going back to the slave markets in a month.
Seeing that no one else in the village is going to avenge her mistress she decides to kill the vampyre herself.
I knew this was a book for me when the vampyre laughed in her face when she thinks she's being taken for a bride. She is too ugly for someone as hot as him!
Aeriel is to be a servant for his thirteen wives who have become wraiths. The vampyre has sucked out their souls on his wedding night every year.
This was a very entertaining tale that has a clever spin on the vampire bad boy. Will she be able to "change" him?