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A Gathering of Gargoyles - Meredith Ann Pierce This was the 2nd in the series and my favourite. I've always enjoyed the quests against witches such as LOTR and Narnia as a kid. I still do in my early '30s. I would have loved this book dearly in my youth.
The middle of series usually are my favourite because the set-up was already done but the ride isn't over.

I enjoyed the journey Aeriel took on her quest to reunite the lons to defeat the White Witch who still has her husband ensared. Irraylath is unable to love anyone until the witch is dead.

The best parts were the different countries she went through and the various ways the icari pillaged the villages. It was quite chilling when she meets her best friend Erin whose a fellow slave. Erin has been tied to a tree in an orchard as an offering or when she's fed hungerspice and wastes away.