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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand I'm torn between giving this book a four star or a three. It felt right in tone and pacing but there was something off in the relationships of this book. I think it was the part about her dad that did it.
If Samjeea had been her bio dad it might've been more plausible but this?

I think it was also Clara's empathy ability. I could see her brother going down a bad road from Unearthly. Jeffrey was right on that she was obsessed with herself. She could emphathise with Samjeea but not her own brother? Her mom spent a little too much time about her daughter. I get this was Clara's point of view but I half expected her downfall to be her self obsession.
The big guy upstairs doesn't care about her relationship.
But no... he does. Her mom was there to give birth to her so she can get down with another angelblood? But didn't all of the angel lore suggest he didn't want any more angelbloods? Shouldn't he want to wipe them out?
Jeffrey and Angela are more compelling characters at this point.

I didn't like the answer to his problem lying with his purpose though. He was showing bitterness and aggression about the whole angel deal long before she saved Tucker.
If this gets resolved more satisfactorily in the third book I'll change my opinion on this book.
As it stands the relationships were too unresolved and less fleshed out than I'd want for a second book.