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Unholy Ghosts - Stacia Kane I could not get through this book. I gave up half way through it.
I found the main character Chess is unbearably aggressive and unsympathetic. She's working as a debunker for the Church. The church has all encompassing power over its citizens and likes to remind them with an anniversary where the spirits are allowed to go into the city and kill people. Chess job is if she proves a haunting is fake then she gets money. I don't understand this set-up. Why does she lose money for proving someone doesn't have a ghost?
The book begins with her further in the hole because a nice couple does have a haunted house. She later debunks a house where she snidely thinks a woman isn't getting laid.

Apparently evil spirits killed a lot of people back in the '90s and why the church was given reign over all other religions [minus the Chinese who managed to have their own belief system that the spirits aren't bad] and government. Chess is hated by everyone for being a witch and working for the church. I can see why. She spends her time strutting around like she's hot stuff or doing drugs.
The thing is this book relies on stereotypes to explain everything. We have to assume she's right that being a foster kid meant she was molested. She explained that a bit too flippantly.
It's these rash characterisations that rubbed me the wrong way.
No one felt like a real person but character tropes. It was too mean spirited.

I bet we find out she wasn't abandoned by her parents and is the half of half of some supernatural creature she's paid to fight like in Stormborn by Richelle Mead.

The only thing this book had going for it was her love interest wasn't super hot. I just couldn't stick through this to find out if he is anything but a criminal thug. Chess has more in common with him than she thinks since she is a government thug.
I guess I'm just not in the mood for this type of novel.