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Where She Went - Gayle Forman I'm not sure where to rate this book.
I'm going to give it a tentative 3.5 because as a romance it really dropped the ball.
Where She Went improved on the weaknesses of If I Stay in the emotion department. There wasn't an arms length between the main p.o.v and what was happening. Adam's pain of being dumped without a word felt very real. I can only imagine reading this right after being dumped. It'd be the equivalent of listening to break-up songs on the radio. Shooting Star songs in fact.
Patrick Wolf writing break-up songs mid album recording comes to mind.

The trouble is I still got that cold heartedness from Mia from Adam's view. Mia was not a girl to consider others feelings. "It's not my job to make people feel better".
Everyone suffers grief. There isn't going to be anyone on this planet that won't happen to. You can choose to let people in or you can shut them out. Mia chose to shut them out. I just hate that old excuse you hurt the ones you love. If you respect and cherish someone you don't blame them for something that wasn't their fault.

If you throw people away you can't just pick them up again when your ready. I loved The Piper's Son by Melina Marcetta.
Tom slowly came back to himself and earned Tara's respect and love.
She didn't walk on eggshells.
Mia supposedly hated Adam for that but he never did call her on her cruelty [to her face].

The story might've made a more satisfying ending if they'd been allowed to connect over a period of time rather than the generic "Favourite New York spots". Mia was always on that pedestal. She never came off of it.
Therefore this wasn't a love story.
I hated the ending.
I would've loved a friendship ending with Adam and his band mates.
I loved that he was able to listen to Sufjan Steven's song "Chicago" again. Had the book ended there I would've given this four stars.
That song reminds me of my twin sis. She's a huge Sufjan Stevens fan.
But if she bought his guitar and hoped his showing up at her concert was a second chance from her parents why was she so cruel?
It doesn't make sense.

I'm not a fan of love stories with one partner having the upper hand.
In If I Stay Mia seemed to love Adam's coolness and popularity more than she loved him.
She seemed to represent an idea of the perfect girl but after two books I still never got any sense of who she was or any feeling at all.
Not even when discussing her dead parents.