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Unwind - Neal Shusterman The world of Unwind is one deeply disturbing place. It might be one of the sickest imagined dystopias I've ever read.
Even Hunger Games couldn't match it's brutality for Unwind will hit too close to home for those of us who never had a close relationship with our parents. Never Let Me Go might be it's equal but they were more on par with the tithe kids.
The story was imaginative but felt realistic which added to the horror. I instantly connected to the characters. The plot never lost momentum either. This book was everything it needed to be and let the reader fill in the pieces where it felt right.

I know where children such as myself who were told by their grandmothers their moms wished they had gotten that abortion many years ago would have wound up. I would've been harvested for my organs most likely.
or the many kids whose parents stopped loving them once they stopped loving their mom or dad.
Heck financial problems might be enough to make a parent decide they'd rather not have their kids anymore.
A lot of kids committed suicide in my older sister's graduating class because they couldn't take the family pressure. I could imagine a whole class of unwound kids not even covered in this book and filled in the details of their possible stories. I bet most of reading the book could imagine a few stories. That I work in a jail doesn't help. I see a lot of bad people come in like the character Roland whose mom picked the abusive step-dad. I read many stories of kids who protected their moms. What a horrifying possibility the mom sides with the step-dad.

What happens to kids whose parents end up in prison? Are they the same as the ward kids?

This is every kid's nightmare. What if your parents found you a disappointment, bad or just didn't want you for being ugly? [I wonder why that particular issue didn't come up. I imagine it might have been due to getting transplants from prettier unwound kids.]
Orphans didn't stand much of a chance in this society. They had to be exceptionally talented.

Shusterman created a shocking and disturbing place to live in by plucking one of the hot bed topics around.
Abortion and to an extent stem cell research.
That kids are selling their organs for ipads in China wasn't far from my mind while reading about these poor kids getting their organs stolen.

I would think kids unable to bond with their kids would just result in more "abortions" now labeled as unwinding.
The unwanted kids from birth are dropped off on door steps in what is labeled as "storking".
The story of the baby that is dropped off on many door-steps was a chilling tale. The kid eventually died.