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Wildwood Dancing - Juliet Marillier I read this a couple of years ago and adored it to pieces.
I loved Gogu her pet frog and fretted the entire time that something bad would happen to him.
"You.. you.. left me.. behind".
Wildwood Dancing is a retelling of the Dancing Sisters story. Jennica is the second eldest sister but the burden of the family is on her whilst their dad is away. Her couisin and suitor Cezar is causing a lot of trouble with the faery folk and her sister is in love with a vampire.

Cezar is the ultimate creepy guy my twin and I would have teased each other mercilessly over if he had been trying to date one of us. In reality he'd have targeted our older sister since we did have a squicky cousin who confessed to us he crushed on her. I was sicked out and told my sister.

If you had to pick Cezar or Eeamon [from Marieller's Son of Shadows] is a good either or game because both choices are revolting.
This book brought back the romantic girly girl in me. I don't mean the sister Tati who wasted over Sorrow but the girl who called every guy a pervert and said "EWWW!!!" [even when she liked a guy.] I was very immature. I'd have been mocking Jennica about Cezar and Liadan about Eamon every step of the way. I also would be the younger sisters in Pride and Prejudice mocking Mr. Collins while my older sister would be the romantic one having all the romances.
I'd never be a romantic heroine seeing as how I'm given to fits of giggles and laughter.
Cezar was just so damned creepy when he held Jennica's hands and bragged about being a war hero.

I love Gogu.
This book made me feel like a kid again without the bad parts of being a kid.