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Everneath - Brodi Ashton 'Everneath' could easily be called a Persephone retelling in modern day. It is that but it also works as a retelling of many novels where the heroine ditches her family and friends for a bad guy who promises something special.
I can now imagine a new genre of the modern YA novel that has girls abandoning their whole lives for the hot supernatural guy to realise he's really abusive and controlling or in this case an energy sucker.
People could rewrite Twilight, Hush Hush, etc. where they realise they made a huge mistake. Bella forges ahead with Mike... [Forget Team Edward or Team Jacob. Team Mike Newton!]

Nikki Beckett has six months to Return to the life she gave up before permanently spending eternity in the Tunnels as a cog in the machine for The Everlivings.
She willingly becomes a Forfeit to Cole, a hot singer in a band, to escape the pain of her mom dying and her boyfriend possibly cheating on her. Cole was at the end of a 100 year feed when the book begins.
This reminded me a lot of the great season three episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer 'Anne' in that other forfeits are old when they return.
Nikki is still seventeen so Cole has decided he wants her as his Queen to rule the Everneath. He stalks her and hangs around her school, bedroom, town functions, etc. to convince her to come with him. She has wised up the second time around.

Nikki has a choice between being in the Tunnels or being his Queen. She wants to make it up to the family she ditched in the first place but doesn't spend much time with that once she gets there.
While reading the book I was annoyed at first during the Before the Feeds portion because it took me out of the pace of the story. If Ashton was trying to send up the Ya/paranormal romance books then it did work in that regard. It did confuse me why Nikki ever left to begin with though.
That was the book's biggest fail. Her dad was a bit dodgy if he didn't try to find her but her boyfriend Jack did.
Why didn't he care more where she was other than his mayor campaign? Something didn't gel there. This was my biggest problem with the book. Her dad just did not care enough or at all.
In Kathe Koja's "Blue Mirror" things were bad enough at home that you believe she could fall for... Cole.
I think I'll avoid all hot guys named Cole now.

Things I hope are built on in the next book -
What are Everlivings? Is the Everneath like the Fae land, hell or something entirely different?
It's explained in Everneath that Cole and his ilk need energy from humans and provide energy from the Queen. The Queen burned the last girl to survive the Feed. Cole and his mate Maxwell discuss keeping Nikki a secret from The Queen but no danger ever happens from that.
If Cole is still hanging around does this mean there is a still chance she could be Queen? If so is the Queen going to be after her next?
What were Jack's family reaction to his disappearance? His mom already hated Nikki.