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Released - Megan Duncan Released fits the mold of Stephen King's The Stand meets Angelfall meets the tv show Supernatural.
The world was attacked by demon dogs and demon birds. Now there aren't many people left.
Abby, her brother Carter and his best friend Max are orphans. The plot reminds me a bit of The Stand in that they have a plan to go to New Mexico from radio transmissions. The radio messages claim there is a resistance on an Army base.

The book might have been stronger if the road trip wasn't all that happened other than a weird cult subplot. I get that we're meant to read more but we weren't provided enough story to want to go further.
Angelfall was similar in that [angels] took over and killed most of the people but the subplot in saving her little sister gave me something to root for. A book series isn't enough of an excuse for nothing to happen. I like quests/roadtrip stories but there still has to be something at the end.
Taya was so cloying I half expected her to be a demon.

If this had been an episode of Supernatural where Sam and Dean save the day I'd give it a pass.