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Everfound - Neal Shusterman Everfound ended the Skinjacker trilogy on a high note.
It would not have felt right if it had ended at all like Life on Mars or The Last Battle ended. I'm sure Mary Hightower would not agree with me.
She would also direct you to report me to an authority. But I didn't say how either tv series or book ended! Now I'll have to find something I enjoy and spend the rest of eternity doing it.
He killed himself in LOM so he could stay in the '70s. All the Narnia kids dying without Susan was awfully depressing. I hated it when I was younger when they couldn't go back or when the Elves left middle earth but staying in Everlost forever wouldn't be right.

"Oh, I love soup. If the only thing I could do was lay in bed all day and eat soup, I'd be happy. I wouldn't even have to taste it. I could just take it through a tube. That would actually be better 'cause I wouldn't even burn my mouth. (laughs softly) Never let me die." Buster from Arrested Development.