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Cinder - Marissa Meyer I've rated this four stars because while the experience of reading Cinder was fun it wasn't exciting. As a Cinderella story and the big reveal was obvious Who didn't see Cinder being Selene a mile off? I knew where it was headed. I'm hoping the sequel will exist as a story in it's own right. If it does hopefully it'll be more gripping. I looked up the plot summary and alas it's a Little Red Riding hood tale. Maybe some Lunar will eat people?

I wasn't bored by any means and for the most part it was fun. The setting and the world building were set up well. The only thing I took issue with was why save someone's life by turning them into cyborg if the community was just going to treat them like crap?
The step-mom's explanation was explained but not why cyborgs were ostracised by everyone else. If people were just replacing limbs what was the big deal? There had to be a reason. They were human unlike the Jenna Starborn novel [a retelling but boring] by Sharon Shinn. [I usually love Sharon Shinn but that book was lifeless.]

Cinder's background as a cyborg should have made her less prejudice but that wasn't the case. She was too judgmental about the Lunar species even after finding out she was one of them. Surely this meant they weren't all evil?
Sharon Shinn's lovely way of showcasing prejudices was needed here such as the awesome Summers at Castle Auburn.