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Dreams of the Ringed Vale - Robert Fanney Luthiel's song is a lovely fantasy novel with an epic quest. The Lord of the Rings inspiration is obvious but by no means a rip-off. She does meet a wise Sorcerer and there are times when the action stops for the obligatory meals so no character goes hungry.

Luthiel's song is pretty chaste and the capacity for the character Luthiel to commit the errors Frodo did don't appear to be there. I never once doubted she would do the right thing which created a safe atmosphere despite all the danger she faced when she headed through the vale to offer herself up as a replacement. That aspect is why I only gave this four stars. Maybe the character development will evolve as the story progresses.

My only problem with this book was the lack of showing why Luthiel felt like an outsider. They certainly accepted some dodgy leadership but she seemed well liked if not loved. She did seem loved. I think the community of elves accepting their own up as tributes was well handled in a myriad of ways to back up the story. The village are too accepting of wrong simply because it is the law. I hope the warning she received about not trusting people who claim to want to help actually comes into play however. She made friends quite easily despite that foreshadowing. No one has betrayed her trust yet.

If you like the Dark Angel trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce this might be your cup of tea. It is mine. I found those and this book refreshing that (so far) the series is about showing others compassion. The adventures are exciting and well paced. The relationships she had with each creature were all well developed outside the Elven home she grew up in. No character was shunted for alpha male love interests.
All and all this was a great book.