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The Awakening - L.J. Smith I was a fan of the video game in the late '90s. It was made by the company Her Interactive that makes the Nancy Drew pc games. You played as Elena and basically went around asking all the other characters if they knew what runes were or if they heard of where to buy lapis lazuli. If you've ever played the early Nancy Drew games too you'll know what I'm describing. "Something's missing here" and "I need something to make this work" voice work as you collect items and interview the townsfolk. Caroline wore a very '90s babydoll dress and used the Buffyish "much" after her dialogue. Stefan was a doctor who talked down to Elena. "Sweet Elena... I'm a vampire not a seer."
The intro had a cheesy song that went "I wanna be cloooose to you---oooohh-hooooh! 'Cause I know that your all aloooonnneee!"
My sister and I just could not beat that game. Elena always got bitten by Damon. We got the game again around 2002 from the library and finally beat it using internet cheats.

I'm in love with the TV show.
I just could not like the book. It wasn't the plot by any means which was intriguing and worked in the videogame and tv show. It was Elena.
This book seemed to me to appeal to the popular cheerleader girl who felt entitled to a hot guy. The kind of girl who didn't read books in my pre-teen years.
The TV show changed Elena into a different entity altogether but they softened Caroline into someone likeable. You got why she needed to be popular and you loved her for it.