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Going Bovine - Libba Bray This book was pretty heavy handed in it's message not to be a loser because you might die before you become worthy enough for your family to love you.
The book is told from the point of Cameron whose dying from a brain tumor and essentially everything that happens in the book is one big hallucination. Nothing happens and nothing stopped him from dying.
I think the book would have made more impact if told from the point of the view of his family members. "Gee, I shouldn't have treated my brother like shit for not being popular in high school. THAT doesn't matter."
How we treat one another matters way more. Cameron learned nothing from his imaginary milkshake cult except people will accept vanilla flavouring.

At what point do people accept others as human beings and not whether or not they have potential?
People don't always meet their stride. Honestly, even if we lived each day as if it was our last it doesn't change that your going to die.
The poor kid being a fan of music was enough perhaps.