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Peptastic is standing still

The Gormenghast Novels - Quentin Crisp, Anthony Burgess, Mervyn Peake I read these books back in my teenage years and have reread them a couple of times since.
They are epic in every sense of the word.
The castle Gormenghast and all it's inhabitants range from very grotesque and fascinating to silly.
The books are never boring for a moment.

Fuchsia was a heroine of my socially awkward and intense unforgivingness. I could hold a grudge like nobody's business [okay not as bad as Morrissey but still]. Here was no intensely pretty girl but one who was both ugly and pretty only sometimes with the trick of the light. She was childish and creative. I loved her.

My favourites at the time Robert Smith of the cure [wrote "drowning man" about her] and Sting [named his daughter Cocoa Fuchsia] were fans which was how I came to hear about a little known book [in Florida].
That no one else but my twin and I read it made it that more special.
It wasn't until the awful BBC movie that Steerpike became romantised much to my horror.