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I Capture the Castle - Dodie Smith I Capture the Castle is a painful coming of age story about a family living in squalor. Their once brilliant father has been suffering writers block after a stint in prison.
The family reminds me a bit of the Mitford Sisters. The Mitfords had an abusive father and their living conditions were unstable.
The Mitford sisters could also set an example to me why the girls didn't just get jobs. Apparently Nancy Mitford was raised that jobs were for people who needed them. She lived off her parents and friends until she made money writing.
I was confused when I watched the HBO film Mildred Pierce why getting a job was so shameful but apparently it was.

Cassandra tells the story from her journal. The story takes off when two Americans move into their landlords home and Rose gets the idea that she must marry the eldest to get the family money. Rose was not socialised so it made sense that her plan to save the family was to sell herself into a loveless marriage as this is the plot of many a romance novel. Rose has a disatarous attempt to impress the guys by affecting a personality only seen in the films. She eventually charms them both. There is a sad scene where Cassandra overhears the brothers call her childish. Rose sets her sights on Simon while carrying on an affair with Neil.
Unfortunately, Cassandra is in love with Simon.

I, Capture the Castle deals with the painful experience of being in love with someone who doesn't love with you.
My older sister hated the ending but I thought it was perfect.
The best way to showcase Cassandra's maturity was for her to give up a guy she wants because he was only settling for her.
I always found the end of the film Say Anything disappointing because Lloyd didn't care that Diane just needed somebody.
Cassandra had time to find someone who truly loved her.