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Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer After the Harry Potter series was finished the media were touting this as the next big thing. I was a die hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan in my teenage years. Who am I kidding? I'm still a die hard Buffy fan.
I'm always on the lookout for new series to be addicted to. If you recommend me something to occupy my thoughts I'll love you forever. Buffy, Harry Potter, The Fever Series are the highest standards to achieve but I'll accept the good stuff like Supernatural, The Curse Workers series, the first ten Sookie Stackhouse, etc. Those were good but let's face it I live and breathe for that high I achieved while breathlessly anticipating the final Harry Potter. I laugh at my younger self and some of the wacky theories for HP and Buffy. Remember when Giles was called the Ripper? What happened with that anyway.... I used to post on cosforums.com as Weatherby. I imagine JKR laughed at me for posting that Ernie MacMillian would turn on Harry again so instead she had him shake his hand and finally be [somewhat] nice to him in OOtp. All evidence was to the contrary! I suppose Percy being a traitor made her go easy on the other pompous git lest she offend some of the more pompous readership.

The Twilight series was not that for me. Not even close.
I ended up reading the whole series because of a bet I made with a coworker. We agreed that I'd read the whole Twilight series and she'd read all of the HP books.
I would not have bothered otherwise.
I can only imagine how upset it must be for fans who cared to read that The Volturi gave up and went home. That and Bella ended up being perfect at being a vampire despite what all the others went through. How anticlimactic!

The first two movies weren't that bad. They didn't take themselves too seriously and the soundtracks were pretty good. Edward only told Bella to stay away from him once or twice as opposed to three million times.
But the books just repeated themselves on and on.
Who doesn't like to imitate K. Stew's atrocious acting? The films went downhill after Eclipse and are more in tune with the spirit of the novels. Boring and serious.

This book contained many common themes :
1] Bella realised that someone was just waiting for their turn to talk and not really listening. This is overused in novels. It was just used in Daughter of Smoke and Bone in fact. This is here to make the heroine appear insightful.
2] One of the bitchy girls was named Lauren! I hate that.
3] Bella was supposedly not popular but was sitting at the popular table immediately.
4] He was beautiful, gorgeous, smoldering, gorgeous, beautiful... he's rich, gorgeous, beautiful, etc.
5] Bad parents that don't get involved in their kids lives.
There's more of course but it's been a few years since I read the books.
6]Using other boys to get over their twulove and breaking their heart in the process with no repercussions.

The baby imprinting thing is hopefully only in the Twilight series.