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Withering Tights - Louise Rennison Withering Tights was a hilarious and charming coming of age tale about a self conscious tween. Tallulah Casey is on a trial basis during the summer for an art school in Yorkshire. She's a tad on the narcissistic side but never in a mean way. The book pokes fun a bit at the way girls over analyse every minutia of contact with the opposite sex. Tallulah has hang-ups about being too tall and not having "corkers".
My favourite parts were whenever Tallulah comes across the brutish Cain. He always turns up at the most inopportune times. Why the local girls are so obsessed with him is lost on her. One local named Beverly even attempted suicide but the water was only two inches deep.

Tallulah would be a fun person to hang out with and watch BBC and ITV miniseries with. She is fourteen but that is the age I got into the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen. She's sort of a teenage Catherine Morland.
Tallulah would probably have joined in with Mariel and I at screaming at the TV "Noooo, he's too old! Don't date him" while watching Charles Dance in a version of Rebecca. Really, the villain from The Golden Child is not a suitable romantic candidate for Emilia Fox. She was Harry Potter's mum in David Copperfield! Not to mention Mr. Darcy's little sister [Colin Firth version] as well. I confess to enjoying the creepy guys I don't want the heroine to get together with more than the love interest. Iain Glenn was juicy in Wives and Daughters as Mr. Preston.

Add her tendency to embarrass herself, assign nicknames and creativity and she was quite loveable.