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Wintersmith - Terry Pratchett I enjoyed Wintersmith, the third book in the Tiffany Aching series immensely. It took me over a week to read it as I kept it at work as a balm for my heart. It does get annoying dealing with know-it-alls for twelve hours five days a week. Terry Pratchett did more than provide me with entertainment and distraction in Wintersmith.
Tiffany’s peer Annagramma is exactly like the insufferable woman I work with. Annagramma was introduced in A Hat Full of Sky, the second in the series. She is the prize student of Granny Weatherwax’s rival Mrs. Earwig.
I loathe trying to train someone at my job when they claim to know everything. Thanks to Tiffany, I now have these handy tips in the future.
“You know how to prepare placebo root, do you?”
“Of course. Every one knows that.”
I learned instead of asking them to show you, which would result in them pretending to be tired or calling in for “having a bad day”, this is what you should do:
“Good, watch me and see if I’m doing it right.”
My Coworker Annagramma would then say “Of course.”
Pratchett had this spot on. People do tend to have faith in people who only pretend they know everything when in actuality they do not have a clue.
The characters were delightful as usual. I busted my gut laughing at Miss Tick’s antics. Granny Weatherwax is unrivalled in her awesomeness.
Tiffany gets in a jam after she steps in and dances with the Wintersmith. He now thinks he is in love with poor Tiffany and embarrasses her by making tiny snowflakes in her image.