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Blood Will Tell - Samantha Young I ended up losing interest in this one. I found the mythology a bit boring. The book initially started out interesting when it was about Eden's soul-eating family. Her father raped and killed people in the mansion's basement. The Ankh back story was the plot killer. Once it was divulged her only friend Noah was sent to spy on her and prevent her from her Ascension ceremony there were no surprises.
Eden fights her hunger, suppresses it, fights it, repeat.

Eden was a relate able and likable girl who name dropped pop culture references such as Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and manga. I think the story should have not revealed Noah's side of the story. There was no mystery to be had. Vampire Diaries and Supernatural had struggles with darkness and layers of morality. Stellan, her brother, was a good example of how the Blessed might be different.
I could have lived without Noah and his bitchy blonde girlfriend.