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Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison I do not venture into PNR territory that often. I prefer UF or fantasy novels or YA because I find the dual perspective to be a complete mood killer when reading a romance story.
There is something disheartening about reading about ultra perfect and feminine heroines who fall for the alpha male. Straight up romance novels do not feature leads this spineless. The UF heroine can be too much of a hardass, but they are at least flawed.
I found Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series to be problematic for this reason while I devoured Jerricho Barrons. He had mystery. The Highlander series involved a succession of virgins and alpha males, both wanting to jump each others bones until they finally jumped each others bones. The story resolution even happened off stage. I suppose I'm just not the right fan for the PNR story.
I don't relish the guy declaring mine while pumping his powerful instrument into the lady over and over again.
I didn't fall for these characters because they are the same characters I've met in the Highlander series and the Morals after Dark book I tried to read. Barrons in Moning's Fever series may be an alpha male, but he was actually dangerous. He wasn't safe. There were risks to that attraction. There was lust and she caught him checking her out, but it was creepy and hot. I had no clue what he was or what he was after. It was thrilling. I never felt in doubt about Drago's intentions. I really hate the dual perspective story.

Dragon Bound had very few thrills even with all of its sex scenes.

I grew up listening to Sting, man. If you love someone...set them free. Pia's weak attempts at protesting Drago's possessiveness were pathetic. Knowing what he was thinking killed the risks. I might have found the original relationship she had with Keith more interesting because she took a risk that did not pay off. The book started out with risk and excitement. Why couldn't we have been part of the actual theft?
Then it veered off into the two thinking how hot the other was. It got boring that way.

The shades of The Last Unicorn made it even worse since that love story was about not possessing another person. Dragon Bound was only about jealousy and possessing another person. She's a unicorn after all. She isn't supposed to be caged.