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Full Blooded - Amanda  Carlson This book was entertaining enough until the last few chapters where it fell apart.
Jessica had grown up in a pack of werewolves of which her father was alpha. Females are an anomaly and no one expected her to change. The other hitch is when she was born an anonymous letter arrived called the Cain myth that predicted her existence would destroy the pack.
Jessica was living her life out apart from the pack when she late blooms into a werewolf one night.

I was sorely disappointed that the Cain myth was started by the Vampire queen. There was enough drama from the different werepacks that it wasn't necessary to add a witch and vampires to the mix. Her father is supposed to be all powerful but anyone could see a mile off that Hank and his son weren't going to be loyal to Jessica. It might have been more interesting if the Cain myth had been real. This reeks of all females are either bitchy, gossipy, bitchy and gossipy, only care about fashion etc. except for Jessica. Where are the stakes? She's the alpha's daughter and has complete control over her wolf when no other werecreature does. How does she do this but need everyone else to risk their lives for her just because she's female?
I have a theory she was born because her father found his true mate. The other wolves "roofie" unsuspecting women into hooking up to see who can bare a child.
Maybe this is like the Akin theory where it's not rape if a woman has a kid. Her dad could have a female because he loved his mate. Gag. I'm not a fan of the one true mate theme prevalent in werewolf urban fantasy novels. It's a cheat to do the "Mine" possessive crap. Not to mention the alpha male is even more overbearing than the faeries or vampires.

I never warmed up to Jessica or her plight of being the only female werewolf that had to be protected at all costs. Her powers were too Mary Sue. She told us time and time again she had to earn her right to live off the compound but her dad gave in and listened to her every time. When was he overbearing? Jessica is twenty-six years old and had been living on her own for years. I was glad he respected her but she kept claiming she had to fight for her right to live alone. I never saw an example to prove this. Show not tell. Why did he let the pack abuse Jessica? She was more powerful than even the Alpha but always had to be protected. She needed a scene where she protected herself if I'm going to believe this. It made more sense to kick people out of your pack that asked for your baby daughter to be murdered.
They dropped the Ray plot line for half the book. Jessica used to be a cop until one cop became suspicious and started stalking her. This could have been where she handled something on her own but instead the pack handled all of her problems.
We were told time and time again she was special because she's female, lycan, etc. etc. These were all attributes she was born into.

The next book looks like it's gearing to be a carbon copy of the Mercy Thompson series where she owes the vampires a favour.