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The Space Between - Brenna Yovanoff The Space Between was filled with atmosphere and beautiful world building much in the style of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. The heroine, Daphne, is a demon but not evil. Yovanoff did a lovely job illustrating how a non-human might interact without making demons black and white villains. I was still reminded of the show Supernatural's illusive nuggets about the pit we didn't get to glimpse. I think Pandemonium wasn't as idyllic to other demons but being the daughter of Lucifer and Lilith had it'd advantages. Daphne wasn't subject to the dog eat dog world of hell. I'm not sure why she resisted becoming like her sisters since it wasn't established where Daphne received her morality from. She liked movies but they weren't the humanist films of deeper feelings but stylish classics.
Hell was always out of our grasp. I had to bring in visions of Ruby and her French fries from Supernatural to the table.
Daphne was born in hell as opposed to being sent there which is how we meet Truman during his first suicide attempt.

When she goes to earth to look for her brother she hunts down his last known helpless case. Her brother Obie's job is to help the lost ones. I liked this part of the book. The half angel kids tend to wind up with drug problems or in prison. The atmosphere of having a creepy angel tell them they were worthless was creepy.
Truman was a sympathy kid with a self destructive death wish. I think the main problem was we got the character perspective switch. Daphne was first person but Truman was not.
Daphne was the disaffected manic pixie dream girl who saves the depressed boy. He's the world isn't good enough for me and my problems and she's confused by emotions.
Her brother Obie didn't fit in as a well rounded character by having the answers but her cousin Moloch was cool. He was a demon who worked in the bone yard.
I would have loved to read more about the damned and what made them tick.

Ultimately, this book had a big concept and tons of style. It didn't sweep me up in emotion despite the big themes such as suicide, depression and worthlessness.
The physical character descriptions were very well done and I got a great feel of what everyone was like visually.