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Iced - Karen Marie Moning I liked a great deal about Iced but Dani was a grating character at times to deal with. She was too much posture for a character we're being told a story from first person. We knew the persona from the Fever Series. It would be nice if we could have caught more of the real and deeper person within rather than be told from the multiple pervs waiting for her to "grow into the manic pixie dream girl" of their dreams. Dani never grows up or matures. Her regrets about Alina's death [of which she had a great part in despite being manipulated by Rowena] had more to do with her being caught and running from Mac.
We know Mac isn't going to kill Dani. I don't understand why this is being dragged out unless we're being handed a character assassination of Mac's character.

I respected why Dancer liked Dani, at least from Dani's perspective, but I did not need Kat to tell me trouble lay underneath his waters. Dani took him from granted. The groundwork for their relationship was laid down quite nicely for the next two books.
I knew not to take him at face value. KMM's marvellous at writing muli-layered characters so I was quite disappointed with Dani and Christian.

Christian read like a "his perspective" YA cash out.
Dude, he's gross!
I had a bit of fun laughing at his creepiness but if this was a Highlander book the dual pov he was given would mean he's the love interest. Please, do not take the joy of the Barrons/Mac romance out of this series. I loved not knowing how Barrons felt.
The Highlander series is not a favourite of mine. "I want to fuck him, god all the girls want him, don't look at my man, etc.' and "She's so perfect and dainty I want to screw her so bad" is boring.
We know everytime the leads are getting together.
Barrons was appealing because he is an enigma.

I realise I'm going to contradict myself but it did feel like Dani is repeating Mac's steps with alternating between which guys can serve her interests more. Dani contemplated leading Christian around on a leash to serve her purposes. This is a retread of Mac and V'lane.
I don't want a repeat of the Mac/Barrons with Dani/Ryo but I liked the mystery of their relationship. I was as confused about Barrons along with Mac.
Or is Christian the Barrons? He did have a dead chic in his bed...

I felt pity for poor Jo. She's somehow not as attractive to grown men as a cocky fourteen year old child.
Her discussions with Dani about Ryodan really hit home how sad it is that Dani is right.
She will ultimately get her heart stopped on.
Ryodoan watched her since she was nine but didn't know she killed Alina?

This book is being rated a 3 until I can compare it's fit in the series. Where is this all going?
The iced detective story wasn't very intriguing as Mac solving her sister's murder to propel us deeper into the story.
It pissed me off that creepy zombie wraiths were following Mac but Dani still only cared about not being killed by Mac.

There was quite a deal of growth and introspection from Kat but Dani ended up where she was at the ending of Shadow Fever.

Was I alone in thinking of the classic depeche mode song A Question of Time?
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"I've got to get to you first
Before they do
It's just a question of time
Before they lay their hands on you
And make you just like the rest
I've got to get to you first
It's just a question of time
Well now you're only fifteen
And you look good
I'll take you under my wing
Somebody should"