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The Revolution: A Manifesto - Ron Paul Ron Paul has been on the mark about the political climate in America for a long time. He predicted the result of the federal reserve interference causing a false economic boom that led to the housing bubble.
His views on our military interference overseas should not be ignored. The blowback caused by our policies and the expense to our budget. If we stopped the wars we could use that money towards our social security.
The media doesn't admit the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac policies, the bailouts or the role the federal reserve caused in all of this.

It's depressing the new chapter written in 2009 before the bulk of those bailouts even happened [or the bonuses that were given]. He really hit home that the bill didn't pass the first time around but once the lobbyists and bankers called it was passed. The voters didn't matter.
It's doubly sickening during the current election to read about the Iraq sanctions and that Iran was proven not to have a nuclear weapon. He predicted they'd come up with a reason anyway and they have.
Sanctions included.
We're still where we were in 2008.

He covers the drug wars, warrant-less wiretapping and other losses to our civil liberties.
How our forebears never intended for the federal government to have such reach in power.
Even if you don't agree with Ron Paul's ideas about the gold standard [or the story fed to you about the media] it's hard to argue that the federal reserve has messed with inflation and how the costs directly affect the poor who don't get the created money first.
If it's not possible to return to the gold standard we still need to audit the federal reserve.

Glenn Greenwald just wrote an op-ed for the Guardian about which US presidents committed the worst assaults to our civil liberties that I recommend reading.
Who is the worst civil liberties president in US history?Where do the abuses of the last decade from Bush and Obama rank when compared to prior assaults in the name of war?