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Otherkin  - Nina Berry Otherkin is about a teenage girl, Dez, who is kidnapped at the beginning of the story by a group called The Tribunal. The tribunal are the catalyst for Dez discovering she is a shifter. I was pleased she turned into a tiger as wolves are getting a bit boring. There is a wolf shifter, London [actually named Laurentia instead of the usual Lauren, but she’s still got the Lauren chip on her shoulder. Are there any books with nice girls named Lauren someone could recommend me? Do those exist?]
Dez’ never shifted before she was kidnapped but lived a normal life with her adopted mother and a scoliosis problem. She had a nice little back-story [haha scoliosis was her back-story] that involved her being adopted from Siberia to Moscow. Dez' as a tiger was gorgeous.

The tribunal plan is to rid the world of shifters by sending them back to the other world. The mythology in this novel was interesting. The tribunal, the callers [Caleb her love interest is a caller] and the shifters all have part of another world in them. The tribunal leader’s daughter is a healer. This was by far the most intriguing part of the novel. They have a theory that when a healer cures a person their other version gets sick instead. The shifters share with animals so there wouldn’t be an Evil!AgentCooper laughing about how Annie is [Twin Peaks] but the normal people cured might have other people on that side of the world? I hope that more on is covered on dopplegangers in the next book. I’d like to see an evil doppelganger of Dez’ mother.
The whole concept of shadows is intriguing or how it enables the Tribunal to use it to force people against their will.

I did not get invested in the burgeoning love between Caleb and Dez. It felt a little been there done that but, it did not detract from the book either. I wish that either the demon possession him or the tribunal leader being his dad was the secret. The last chapters felt very rushed as a result. Dez’ own resolution took a bad seat to Caleb’s two back-stories. I liked Morafel but his being the one to hook up her adoption was not satisfying. Perhaps, he should have remained an enigma.

This book had a lot going for it despite the ending being a bit over-stuffed in some areas and rushed in other aspects.
I couldn’t stop quoting the Hangover since Dez is a tiger.
“There’s a jungle cat in the bathroom!”
“Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon.”

I got this from the librarything Early Reviewers program.