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Boundless - Cynthia Hand Boundless wasn't as enjoyable as Unearthly but I enjoyed it more than Hallowed as the book finally achieved what seems to be almost impossible with love-triangles. The heroine Clara never came off as wishy-washy or fickle. I've noticed when it comes to love triangles fans of tv shows, anime and books can get rather judgemental of the female involved in love triangles. Tumblr is the worst place for female characters to be hated on for bad or indecisive writing [sometimes just to drag a storyline out for ratings]. The writers can often make the character come off as fickle while trying to please two sets of fans. Plot devices for the sake of dragging the plot out until the couple can get together often lead to annoying characters.
I expected it when Christian offered to meet up with Clara after Tucker dies. Hey, why not if your immortal?

The hell scenes weren't as creepy or scary as I've read in other novels but felt in tune with the sorrow the fallen feel.
The book was a tad judgey about people ending up in hell for hangups that are normal and people grow out of but nothing compared to that atrocious novel, Sweet Evil which has girls damned just for sleeping with the wrong guy or drinking.

I liked the friendships in the novel.