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Little Brother - Cory Doctorow Little Brother was written for me despite that I'm well out of my teen years. I'm not net savvy enough to logon to the TOR network or build my own computer from the ground-up [if I did the book would be my crying, cutting my hand and cussing a bit as I redid installing my hard drive.] I ran a John Malkovich fansite back in the day which was the extent of my internet prowess.
The politics are what connects me to the hero of this story. Marcus and I are in synch 100% when it comes to civil liberties, privacy and the Bill of Rights. I may not be brave enough to get gassed but the scenes of him sassing up to the teacher reminded me of myself.
Right on, Marcus!
I enjoyed the geeky tidbits of internet information he would explain throughout the story during his cat and mouse games with the HSL.

This novel is an engaging tale in the vein of such classics as the film Hackers and not as cheesy as the equally fun Swordfish.
The book is authentic and no cubes form into larger cubes as Hugh Jackman swivels his butt. That film is a guilty pleasure nonetheless.
Nothing ends the way I predicted but were resolved in a better than you would hope but still depressingly realistic at the same time approach.
The unpredictable part was I dreaded one of his close friends would turn out to be an informant. My favourite parts of the book were the creepy attempts by HSL to weed out his identity on the XNET chats or the live-journals to get information out of people.

I've loved Doctorow's blog he co-edits Boing Boing for years. His other editor Xeni Jarden is part of the fantastic Freedom of the Press Foundation.