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Untold - Sarah Rees Brennan Untold was an enjoyable and cozy read. I was surprised the kindle store described this as a gothic romance. I categorise Victoria Holt or Madeleine Brent novels as gothic romances. If Rob, the evil uncle, had been the love interest perhaps it would feel more gothic. Sorry-in-the-Vale has a lot of character and is creepy but the romance did not fit the bill. The love story was dragged out and repetitive. Jared is a depressed boy with trust issues but one misunderstanding between them sufficed.

Ash did his part in Unspoken with his wishy washy-which side am I on and ritualistic killings [Barbara Michaels Son of the Wolf without any attempted rape scenes. Yes, the evil guardian in that book was thrown in the mix for a love triangle.] I suppose if Rob attempts to hit on Kami's mother I'll consider this a proper gothic romance.
It was hinted in Unspoken that he did fancy Claire. Claire leads me to my biggest disappointment in this book. Why was so much time wasted on Jared and the link when Claire's story line has so much more interesting possibilities?
I hate that the book ended without explaining her reaction to her son, Ten, being chosen as the sacrifice. She was willing to let someone else die for the town. Will she come around that it was going to be one of her own? It was implied in Unspoken that Kami was neither of the parents favourite. Where was Claire when her daughter went through all of this? I adored Kami's dad, Jon, storyline in this book. I hope we get more out of Claire in the third book instead of more pity party from Jared.
The non sorcerers needed a bigger voice in the series. Will they pull a "for the greater good" mentality that the sorcerers feel? It is one thing for those with power such as the cop and Amber Green to let Rob win but what about everyone else? We know people are reading Kami's newspaper because she kept running out of copies. Why were more people on Rob's side? Holly's family wanted to get back their former glory which was nicely explained. The fact they left her alone in the night was sad. It is the rest of Sorry-in-the-Vale that could be fleshed out more. I hope we get less of Jared lashing out at Kami and more of the town and its characters next time.
Untold reminded me of the Supernatural episode Scarecrow. The book opened with the scarecrows that tried to kill Kami and the whole idea that the town was richer by the relationship to the Lynburn family.