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Twice Upon A Soul

Twice Upon a Soul - Deborah R. Stigall It took me awhile to get through this book which ended up quite anticlimactic.

It read to me like a watered down version of Karen Marie Moning's The Highlander Series. Shy, pretty and pert virgin falls for a time traveling Scottish highlander whose trapped in a mirror..oh wait a painting this time as the mirror was in KMM's book... she goes back into time and blah blah.
I love her Fever series to death but I'm not a big fan of the Highlander books. All of the plot happened off stage and she trots out previous couples to discuss tiny hands and pregnancies.
But there was a plot.
This book also involved the fae getting involved in people's love lives since they have nothing else to entertain them. Why not just ship couples [Stefan/Damon/Elena is a good one] or read KMMS highlander series now there is a TV?

This book was really just a reincarnation tale. Not much happened once she went through the rocks to be with the highlander. She took him at face value despite us being rammed over the head that she was practical? She even kept on insulting her friend Mattie's beliefs after proof that the supernatural did indeed exist.
She was mad for being lied to, got kidnapped and then they had sex. Then it ended.
There wasn't anything to connect to. I prefer romances like Sharon Shinn's The Shape-Changer's Wife. The characters need to connect with something more substantial than "You look like my old lover".
He waited 600 years and did nothing worthwhile in all that time?
It worked in The Vampire Diaries [the tv show anyway] because it was Elena's personality the brothers loved.